Supply Nation Member/Supplier Code of Conduct

The aim of the Supply Nation Member/Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is to establish a common understanding of the responsibilities of our members, registered businesses and Certified Suppliers (collectively “members/suppliers”). It presents a broad framework that encourages members/suppliers to uphold professional standards of conduct.

Supply Nation Vision and Values

Our vision and values guide the way we work with our members/suppliers and customers, within our communities and with each other, to transform the Indigenous business sector.

Our Vision: is to create a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector.

Our Values:

  • Integrity – we care deeply about what we do and how we do it, and we stand up for what we believe in;
  • Accountability – we take responsibility for our own actions and honour our commitments;
  • Collaboration – we work together as a unified team to produce the best results for our customers;
  • Excellence – we are committed to consistent professionalism as a positive, flexible, responsive, innovative and efficient team;
  • Empowerment – we create and promote a culture where all may thrive.

Member/Supplier Compliance

  1. Uphold Supply Nation’s vision and values, including supplier diversity;
  2. Support the integrity and reputation of Supply Nation, and not engage in conduct that may negatively impact Supply Nation and/or members/suppliers, including their reputations;
  3. Conduct business in an ethical, honest and responsible manner, and with integrity;
  4. Promote a business culture of courtesy, respect, fair and ethical behaviour, equality and cultural diversity, without harassment or discrimination;
  5. Respect traditional knowledge and cultural expression belonging to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  6. Abide by all relevant Supply Nation Terms and Conditions, policies and procedures, including the Code, and any applicable Australian laws;
  7. Not provide false or misleading information to Supply Nation and/or its customers, including as to its Indigenous heritage;
  8. Not make improper use of information acquired as a member/supplier or take improper advantage of the position of being a member/supplier;
  9. Take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest (real or apparent) in connection with membership and promptly notify Supply Nation of any such conflicts;
  10. Not disclose the confidential information of Supply Nation and/or its customers without written consent or as required by law; and
  11. Only use Supply Nation resources in a proper manner and for a proper purpose, including without limitation the Supply Nation, Supply Nation Certified Supplier or Supply Nation member trademarks and the Indigenous Business Direct service.

Complaints of non-compliance in line with our standard complaints handling process

  1. Responding to complaints

Members/suppliers must comply with the Code. Supply Nation is committed to seeking and receiving feedback and complaints about non-compliance with the Code. Complaints in relation to non-compliance with the Code by members, suppliers or individuals associated with members and suppliers can be submitted to Supply Nation using the Complaint Form.

Supply Nation recognises that complaints are generally made in good faith. All complaints are taken seriously and given careful and respectful consideration, however, Supply Nation will not respond to complaints that are frivolous or vexatious.

  1. Assessing and investigating complaints

Complaints will be assessed with common sense, respect and fairness, efficiency, confidentiality and in a manner which affords procedural fairness to all parties.

Once a complaint is received in the approved form (unless Supply Nation considers in its absolute discretion that the complaint is frivolous or vexatious), Supply Nation will:

  • acknowledge receipt of the complaint promptly and advise the person who submitted the complaint (the “complainant”) of the complaints process;
  • use the information submitted to assess the complaint and determine whether to investigate the complaint further;
  • as soon as possible, notify the complainant whether it will investigate the complaint.

Supply Nation is under no obligation to investigate a complaint.

If, in its absolute discretion, Supply Nation chooses to investigate the complaint, it will:

  • notify the member/supplier and any associated individual who is the subject of the complaint (Associated Individual) of:
    • such details of the complaint as it considers, in its sole discretion, that it is reasonably able to divulge; and
    • the complaints investigation process so that the member/supplier/Associated Individual may reasonably respond to the complaint;
  • provide the member/supplier and/or Associated Individual with at least 10 business days to respond to the complaint;
  • investigate the complaint within a reasonable time frame. Part of that investigation may involve Supply Nation requesting further information and documentation. Where such requests are made, the member/supplier and/or Associated Individual will be provided with at least 10 business days to respond (Information Requests);
  • (If 10 business days have elapsed since an Information Request was made and the member/supplier and any Associated Individual have not adequately addressed the Information Request), make a determination that there has been a failure to engage with the investigation process (a Failure to Engage Determination);
  • (assuming a Failure to Engage Determination has not been made), determine whether the member/supplier and/or Associated Individual has or has not complied with the Code;
  • prepare a record of the Failure to Engage Determination or Determination (as relevant) and any resolution/action proposed to be taken;
  • inform the member/supplier and/or Associated Individual of the outcome of the investigation, providing reasons for the Failure to Engage Determination or Determination and any resolution/action proposed to be taken;
  • inform the complainant of the outcome of the investigation.

Personal information will only be disclosed or used by Supply Nation in accordance with the Supply Nation Privacy Policy or as permitted by law. Where Supply Nation investigates a complaint, it will provide a copy of the complaint (excluding contact details) to: (i) the member/supplier and/or Associated Individual; and (ii) if necessary, other parties with relevant information about the complaint, in each case if, in its sole discretion, it considers it appropriate to do so. For further information, see the Complaint Form.

  1. Action that may be taken

Non-compliance with the Code constitutes a breach of the Supply Nation Terms and Conditions agreed to by members/suppliers and as amended by Supply Nation from time to time (the “Terms”). Without limiting any other right Supply Nation may have at law and/or pursuant to the Terms, and in accordance with the Terms, Supply Nation may:

  • restrict, suspend or terminate membership of a member/supplier for a breach of the Code;
  • restrict or suspend membership of a member/supplier for a suspected breach of the Code whilst it is carrying out an investigation in accordance with section 2 of this Code into such suspected breach; and 
  • restrict, suspend or terminate membership of a member/supplier for a suspected breach of the Code if it has carried out an investigation in accordance with section 2 of this Code and a Failure to Engage Determination has been made.

Supply Nation may propose, and the member/supplier agrees to comply with, any reasonable resolution/action for rectification of the breach of the Code.