History of Supply Nation

The dream of an Australian Indigenous supplier diversity council was realised in 2009 when Supply Nation, initially known as the Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council (AIMSC), was founded.

Inspired by the success of the National Minority Supplier Development Council in the USA , Indigenous entrepreneur, Michael McLeod and his non-Indigenous business partner, Dug Russell became the driving forces behind the creation of Supply Nation.

Foundation of AIMSC

Following an inquiry led by ‘The Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs’ 2008 that focused on the development of Indigenous enterprises in Australia, Michael and Dug presented their submission outlining the creation of AIMSC to the committee. One year later, in September 2009, the government announced it would invest $3m to pilot AIMSC over 3 years. 

Michael and Dug along with their many other supporters, including representatives of the USA’s National Minority Supplier Development Council and the Minority Business Development Agency in the US Department of Commerce, had finally achieved their goal of acquiring the government's support to create Australia’s first ever minority supplier development council. On the 15th of September 2009 AIMSC was officially launched at the Mural Hall in the Australian Parliament House in Canberra.

From AIMSC to Supply Nation

In 2013, after successfully completing the 3 year pilot phase, AIMSC rebranded to become Supply Nation.

Since its earliest days, Supply Nation has developed the biggest membership in Australia of corporate, government and non-profit organisations committed to supplier diversity and Indigenous business development. Our members work with Supply Nation to create sustainable and valuable business relationships with Certified Suppliers and Registered Businesses.

With Certified Suppliers and Registered Businesses in every state and territory and in every industry sector, members have increased spend with Indigenous businesses by an average of 20% per quarter since 2009. This growth has resulted in real, measurable positive social impact in Indigenous communities.

Supply Nation has developed a track record of successfully advocating for strong Federal Government Indigenous business procurement policies, first with the Indigenous Opportunities Policy and most recently with the strengthened Indigenous Procurement Policy. These policies, in addition to state and local government policies, grow the opportunities available to Indigenous business and are evidence of the success and influence of Supply Nation.

Supply Nation will continue to work with partners, members, Certified Suppliers, and Registered Businesses to achieve its vision of a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable Indigenous enterprise sector.

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