Be found by categorising your business

This top tip will ensure your profile will be found by buyers searching for your type of product or service.

Most buyers have a clear idea of what they are looking for – and will search by category in order to find you. So it’s critical that you categorise your business correctly so that you show up in the right searches – and don’t show up in the wrong ones!

UNSPSC – categorisation made simple

There are many different types of business categorisation. The way that Indigenous Business Direct categorises businesses uses the United Nation’s Standard Product and Service Codes (UNSPSC) 

How does UNSPSC work?

The UNSPSC system divides businesses using codes. The codes are divided up into three levels which means that Supply Nation’s database contains over 18,000 unique goods and services.

The three levels are:


A commonly recognized group of inter-related commodity categories


A group of commodities sharing common characteristics   


A group of substitutable products or services

An example of this would be:


7210 Building construction & support & maintenance & repair services


721017 Concrete work


72101704 Foundation or slab work

As you can see, each level contains the numbers of the level above, with additional numbers to narrow the category.