Maximise your opportunities by focusing your reach

What is the true reach of your business?

The subject of this update is a hot topic because it can be counter-intuitive. Most business owners want to have the opportunity to attract as much business as possible – and in that mind-set, optimistically set their business reach as covering the whole of Australia. For some businesses this may be true (for example if you sell products online that can be shipped anywhere), but for many organisations, there is a geographic limit to where you can realistically, profitably and sustainably offer your services.

By focusing your business reach to your current availability, you are more likely to be offered opportunities from organisations who value local businesses, and you don’t risk damaging your brand reputation due to sub-standard service, because your business reach isn’t quite as advertised.

So the key question to ask when you are determining the business reach for your business is: what is the geographic area where your business is able to fully deliver without compromising on quality or cost? 

Updating your business reach options on Indigenous Business Direct

On Indigenous Business Direct, the business reach field shows buyers where you are able to deliver your goods and services. The options are:

  • International
  • Australia-wide
  • State-wide
  • Sub-state level (where you can select specific regions if applicable)