Optimise your profile

How do purchasers evaluate businesses to decide who to contact?
Typically, purchasers know what they are looking to buy, where they are looking to buy it and the quantities they will need. With Indigenous Business Direct, you will appear on search results along with other businesses who provide similar services or products. 

So how do you make sure your company makes the cut?

Capability Statements

A capability statement should be a concise and accurate description of your business and what you can do for potential clients. Potential clients use your capability statement to identify whether you might be the right business to engage. 

A Good Capability Statement Contains:

  • Mission and vision statements
  • Key products and services
  • Core competencies, capabilities and areas of expertise
  • Key differentiators and value proposition
  • Organisational values and principles
  • Relevant accreditations, qualifications and certifications
  • Major achievements and credentials

Your capability statement should be as clear and simple as possible - the reader should know exactly what your business does in the first few lines. 

More detailed advice on writing a stand-out capability statement is available on the Supply Nation website here

Tip of the Day: 3 questions to ask yourself about your capability statement

  1. Will the reader understand immediately which the kind of business we are and what products and services we offer?
  2. Does the capability statement accurately describe the true capabilities of the business? Am I over or under estimating what we can do?

Is there anything missing that will help us stand out from the crowd? Why have current clients chosen us and how can I express that within my capability statement?