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Why become a Supply Nation member?

Hundreds of Australia's top brands and government agencies at federal, state and local level recognise the benefits of Supply Nation membership.
Membership provides your organisation with a broad range of services, including tailored programs based on international best practice, sophisticated reporting and analytics and access to cutting edge research.

Top four reasons to join Supply Nation today

  1. Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) - activities related to Indigenous procurement and Supply Nation membership are essential components of a world-class RAP
  2. Business benefits - supplier diversity brings competitiveness, innovation and savings to the supply chain. Doing business with an Indigenous business can provide your company with access to goods and services that ultimately provide a unique experience to your customers
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – an embedded supplier diversity program in your business delivers measureable social impact. Supply Nation members have access to research and data to inform CSR reporting
  4. Government procurement targets – Indigenous Procurement Policy – the new policy came into force from 1st July 2015. 

Requirements of Membership

On a best endeavours basis each Member is prepared to:
  1. Appoint a senior procurement officer within their organisation who will act as Supply Nation’s primary contact and supplier diversity advocate. This primary contact should be familiar with the Member’s overall purchasing function and have the authority to permit specific colleagues to engage with Supply Nation by way of attending meetings, events, functions as well as to participate in Supply Nation programs and committees where possible.
  2. Undertake an assessment of current supplier diversity capability within the organisation utilising Supply Nation’s proprietary tool: Australian Supplier Diversity Index (ASDI). Results of this assessment are confidential.
  3. Embed a supplier diversity program within their organisation based on results of ASDI tool, including:
  4. Working with Supply Nation registered and certified businesses;
    1. Working towards identified targets for spend;
    2. Working towards setting supplier diversity KPIs for key personnel within the organisation.
  5. Develop and promote the relationship with Supply Nation and Supply Nation’s objectives within their organisation and provide the support necessary for the organisation’s representatives to participate in Supply Nation activities where appropriate.
  6. Agree to provide Supply Nation with financial information relating to business activity and engagement with Supply Nation Registered and Certified Indigenous suppliers for Supply Nation’s reporting purposes.

Low membership fees

Supply Nation is a not-for-profit and is proud of the value offered by our membership fees which have not been increased since they were introduced.

We understand that the procurement spend of organisations influences their requirements for supplier diversity services, so our fees are tiered in line with procurement spend. We encourage all organisations to contact us with any queries about membership.


Membership Level

Annual fee  (ex GST)

Australian and / or global spend on direct and indirect procurement annually:  $500m or over

Large corporate/ Holding company


Australian and / or global spend on direct and indirect procurement annually: under $500m



Organisations that have a charitable purpose and are constituted as company limited by guarantee, clubs and associations



Government agencies* spend on direct and indirect procurement annually: $500m or over

Large government


Government agencies* spend on direct and indirect procurement annually: under $500m



* Australian / State or Territory / Local Government agencies also includes all government statutory authorities and government owned corporations.