Indigenous Business Marketplace - Member FAQs

What is VendorPanel?

VendorPanel is the technology that power’s Supply Nation’s new online tool, Indigenous Business Marketplace. The platform provides Indigenous Businesses an easy way to manage and respond to quotes from Supply Nation members.

Why should Indigenous businesses register? 

Supply Nation Indigenous businesses who register on the VendorPanel Indigenous Business Marketplace will be invited to respond and quote for relevant opportunities posted by Supply Nation members.

Why should members register?

Supply Nation members access sophisticated tools for seeking competitive quotes from Supply Nation Certified and Registered Indigenous businesses through the Indigenous Business Marketplace platform.

What is included for members?

Supply Nation members receive account access for 20 named buyers (buyers are the individual contacts within a member company) as part of their existing Supply Nation membership.

What can I post?

Opportunities / RFQ / RFP / RFx

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for Indigenous businesses to use the system. Members receive basic access as part of their membership.  Additional functionality is available for members and can be discussed with VendorPanel directly.

What information is required from each member?

We will need the name and email address of every buyer within your organisation for whom you require access.

Is data secure?

Yes – all data and back-ups are hosted in Sydney, NSW.

VendorPanel is regularly penetration and security tested and pass with flying colours.


If you have any further questions or would like more information, please contact your Relationship Manager or Chris Roe at VendorPanel on +61 3 9095 6181 or